Rehnke Decon Kit

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Original Rehnke Decon Kit contains all of the components for a true decon.

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The Official Rehnke Decon Kit contains all of the compound (in pint sets) and equipment needed for a true decontamination of firefighters and their gear. For years we have been cleaning and/or rinsing off our gear with no real thought towards the actual detoxifying and neutralizing effects that we need to fully mitigate our work place exposures. Over 100 years of combined Fire service and over 18 years of Military and federal government experience has gone into designing the most effective, yet simple to use decon kit that is available to the Fire Industry. The official Rehnke Decon kit takes us from the era of simply cleaning and into a true decon of our gear at the point it is needed the most and does so in an easily deployable and applicable form.

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Weight 30 lbs