NFPA 1851

Official Rehnke Decon Kit for Firefighters and firefighter gear

Our products are the answer for these issues. Created for and used by the DOD to handle theater of war chemicals as devastating as serine and mustard gasses; TruDecon can handle toxins that we face on even the harshest fireground. It can also detoxify our gear from exposures in other harsh environments such as meth labs, chemical spills etc. TruDecon compound effectively detoxifies the harsh chemicals, poisons, biologicals, and carcinogens, neutralizing them to the point that they are no longer harmful to our first responders, the public, or the environment. As if the detoxifying capabilities were not enough, the cleaning agent that is part of the Rehnke Decon Kit also cleans our turnouts better and more thoroughly than any cleaner we have found on the market.

Finally, when you factor in the protection of local water tables from receiving these toxins, we expand our area of protection from our gear and our health, to that of the health and safety of the communities that we serve.