How We Assist Law Enforcement

Our mission at First Responder Decon is to create and offer products, services, and processes that lead the industry in mitigating the toxic exposures that cause cancer and work-related illnesses facing our first responders.

When we started looking at cancer and toxic mitigation for our department years ago, we had no idea that more and more information would point towards our LEO brothers and sisters facing the same issues and toxic exposures that we faced on the Fire side. In our opinion, there is still not enough yet being done for our Officers in blue, and we are leading the work to change this. We now provide the same powerful protections to you that had originally been developed for the harsh environments of firefighting.

~ Ed Cunningham, Founder and CEO

What we can offer your agency:

First Responder Decon offers a unique system of products and services that can meet the individual needs of your department and facilities. This begins with decon systems for individual officers and extends on to vehicles and facilities. Anywhere you have potential exposures, we have a tool to mitigate.

Aside from the common carcinogens and poisons found on fire scenes, some of the common LE concerns that we help mitigate are as follows:

  • Fentanyl
  • Coronavirus
  • MRSA
  • C-DIF
  • Influenza (inmate population)
  • Hepatitis A, B, C
  • Common areas of exposures
  • Vehicle decontamination- Patrol, Vans, Buses, Boats, K9
  • Personal- Uniform exposure, possible OD CPR
  • Facilities- Holding cells, Booking Areas, Safe Cells, Blood and Biologic exposure
  • Laundry- adding the product into the laundry will detoxify and decontaminate the clothing, underwear, towels and linen, reducing the potential for the spread of viruses and bacteria (Influenza, Chicken pox, Hep, HIV, MRSA etc) while not harming the clothing’s color or fabric.

These needs and service will expand as the need for the product advances. At FRD we are always open for new ideas to keep out first responders and community safe.


Welch Tactical Decon System

Named after Sgt. Greg Welch of the Surprise, Arizona Police Department and honoring his fight against cancer, we created this personal decon system for an Officer to be able to perform an immediate and thorough decontamination from a large list of biologicals and chemicals. With a 99.9999999% effective kill point, our compound has an EPA and FDA approved kill list that includes Fentanyl, MRSA, C-diff, Coronavirus and a large host of other toxins, poisons, carcinogens and chemicals.

Each Welch Tactical Decon System contains the following:

  • 1 BDAS+
    • Rapidly deployable 3-part compound in compressed aluminum cylinders
    • Straight stream and misting option selector
  • 1 Two-Man Incident Set
    • 2 Gear bags
    • 2 Zipties to seal gear bags
    • 2 Derma-Friendly Firewipes for skin decon
    • 1 Refuse bag
  • 1 Tactical molly bag (fits full system with plenty of room for extra Firewipes, trauma kit, narcan kit, etc)
  • Unpacking Video
  • Training Video
  • Customizable SOPs in Word and PDF formats

The Borders Sgt. Level Response System

Named after skin cancer warrior and former Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office Detention Sergeant Jalena Borders, the Sgt Level Response System comes with supplies to affect a response for a normal span of control within the IMS standards. Each kit provides enough equipment for a personal decon of up to 6-12 personnel, depending on the severity of the contaminates and the contaminate load, making it perfect for use by law enforcement and detention/correctional operations.

The Borders Sgt Level Response System includes:

  • Heavy-duty rolling equipment bag
  • 6 BDAS+ Decon applicators
  • 6 2-Person Incident Sets:
    • 2 bio/chem resistant gear bags
    • 2 Industrial zipties
    • 2 Firewipes decontamination wipes
    • 1 refuse bag
  • 24 Firewipes (2 boxes of 12)
  • Unpacking Video
  • Training Video

The KatieK Facility System

Named after MCSO Detention Officer and cancer warrior Katie Kabel, this facility system is designed for larger incidents where more than one officer or a sizeable area is in need of decontamination. This system can be placed in detention posts such as officer towers and also carried in command or support vehicles.

Each KatieK Facility System contains the following:

  • 1 Six-gallon bucket
  • 1 Three-part Solution Set
  • 1 One-gallon Viton component industrial chemical sprayer
  • 1 Soft bristled brush for gross decon
  • 1 Four-Man Incident Set
    •  4 Gear bags
    • 4 Zipties to seal gear bags
    • 4 Derma-Friendly Firewipes for skin decon
    • 1 refuse bag
  • Each system also comes with an initial resupply kit
    • 4 Three-part Solution Sets
    • 3 Boxes Firewipes (12 individually wrapped wipes per box)
    • 3 Four-Man Incident Sets
  • Unpacking Video
  • Training Video
  • Customizable SOPs in Word and PDF formats


Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that Firewipes are only for firefighters… they are for ALL First Responders. Firewipes offers a quick, convenient, and disposable cleaning solution for those exposed to hazardous environments and come individually packaged to eliminate cross-contamination and prevent unused wipes from drying out. Every Firewipe has a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. No sticky or oily residue left after use and no added fragrance. Firewipes come in a 4.25” wide, 6” deep, and 3.25” tall durable box containing 12- 8 inch by 12 inch (96in²) individually packaged wipes and are textured on one side and smooth on the other.

Firewipes can be stored in an Officer’s uniform pocket, patrol vehicle or work station for convenient decon in any situation! Firewipes can be purchased in a box of 12 wipes, or a case containing 24 boxes (288 wipes).


The BDAS+ (Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray) pairs the proven chemistry of the DF-200 formula with a convenient, rugged, and easy-to-use form factor and safely neutralizes harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), hazardous industrial chemicals, chemical and biological warfare agents, and bodily fluids. Having been tested for use in extreme environments, the BDAS+ is perfect for use by first responders and military personnel. The BDAS+ offers immediate on-scene neutralizing and detoxifying both for vehicles and officers. This drastically minimizes exposure times and severity leading to decreased sick time and/or workman’s comp claims and prevents officers’ families from being exposed as well, especially since detergents do not detoxify.

  • Ready-to-use (RTU) — simply aim and squeeze the trigger
  • Lightweight rugged design
  • Portable and rapidly deployable
  • Kill list: MRSA, C-Diff, HIV, Hep-C, and other bloodborne pathogens and chemicals such as fentanyl
  • Works on multiple surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, wood, ceramic, carpet, fabrics, leather, steel, aluminum and others
  • Water-soluble and naturally biodegradable
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Laundry component available soon

The BDAS+ can be purchased individually, in a case of 6, or a pallet of 40 cases.


Tiered response:

Tier1 is severe Bio/Chem contamination. Tier2 would be light contamination or odd smells. Tier3 is annual maintenance.

  • Will replace cabin filter every time as well, as it can house residual bio and allergens etc.
  • Less wear and tear due to lack of need for mechanical scrubbing with harsh brushes and chemicals.
  • Cost effective
  • We will provide an inspection report of any issues noted such as windshield chips, body damage etc.