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The National Police Foundation has launched a Real-Time COVID-19 Law Enforcement Situational Awareness Dashboard to help law enforcement leaders better assess and monitor the impacts COVID-19 is having on law enforcement agencies across the U.S.

For Firefighters

The Issue

We know that up to 90% of our toxic exposures from fire scenes come from our gear itself and can continue to be a health hazard for days following an incident.

To truly make a difference, a full and true decontamination needs to be accomplished before a firefighter come off of air.

Our Official Rehnke Decon Kit contains all of the compounds and equipment needed for a true decontamination of firefighters and their gear.

For years we have been cleaning and/or rinsing off our gear with no real thought towards the actual detoxifying and neutralizing effects that we need to fully mitigate our work place exposures. Over 100 years of combined Fire service and over 18 years of military and federal government experience has gone into designing the most effective, yet simple to use, decon kit that is available to the Fire Industry. The official Rehnke Decon kit takes us from the era of simply cleaning and into a true decon of our gear at the point it is needed the most and does so in an easily deployable and applicable form.

For Law Enforcement

The Issue

Law Enforcement Officers are regularly exposed to various toxins. With a 99.9999999% effective kill point, our compound has an EPA and FDA approved kill list that includes Fentanyl, MRSA, C-diff, Coronavirus and a large host of other toxins, poisons, carcinogens and chemicals.

What is the First
Responder Difference?

Founded by First Responders
for First Responders!

First Responder Decon began as a charity initiative at the Firehouse Subs in Surprise, Arizona as a way for local business owners to give back to our first responder community. The goal was to support local firefighters in combating the cancer causing work related exposures commonly found in the fire service, but has grown to include all first responders. Our company – founded by current and former firefighters and law enforcement officers – now provides industry leading products and services for law enforcement and EMS personnel. We have three principles that drive our product and system development:


To create a thorough, complete and true decontamination that is a step above and beyond the cleaning that 90% of departments and products actually do.


To be simple to use, yet small enough to fit in one compartment, without sacrificing any efficacy.


To be affordable enough that it will be an easy choice for cities and departments to add to their budgets.
Our products, procedures and services have been developed and vetted by first responders with over 100 years of combined active service as Firefighters and Police Officers.

Analytics from FBI field use and 18 years of military use in incidents from Iraq, Afghanistan and even on home soil such as the aftermath of the Boston Bombing, attest to the efficacy of our compound and systems.

Each system contains the “best in field” military grade decontamination compound as well as all the tools and resources needed to perform complete front-line decontamination for first responders. All of our products and procedures are designed to provide a full decontamination, starting with uniform and gear and extends to include the skin and even vehicles.

Our focus is to keep our first responders safe while minimizing downtime to public service.


When it comes to a true Decontamination, there are three main components:

01. Encapsulating of contaminates (Neutralization)
02. Extraction and Removal of Contaminates (Cleaning)
03. Detoxifying of Contaminates (Render Inert)
Cleaning by most common products reduces the number of toxins but does not neutralize them. If a department is using this method for toxin mitigation, they then become responsible for the run off of “toxic soup” created and have to incur the responsibility and expense of proper disposal or face liabilities fiscally and environmentally. With the patented technology behind the creation of the TruDecon compound the process begins immediately on application as the solution begins binding to the carcinogens and toxins that it comes into contact with. With the cationic state of the solution, toxins are pulled from the gear, bound to, and then are neutralized.
Our products are the answer for these issues. TruDecon can handle toxins that we face on even the harshest fireground. It also has the ability to detoxify our gear from exposures in other harsh environments such as meth labs, chemical spills etc. TruDecon compound has been known to effectively detoxify the harsh chemicals, poisons, biologicals, and carcinogens, neutralizing them to the point that they are no longer harmful to our first responders, the public, or the environment. As if the detoxifying capabilities were not enough, the cleaning agent that is part of the Rehnke Decon Kit also cleans our turnouts better and more thoroughly than any cleaner we have found on the market.

Finally, when you factor in the protection of local water tables from receiving these toxins, we expand our area of protection from our gear and our health, to that of the health and safety of the communities that we serve.

Like the Official Rehnke Decon Kit, FireWipes was invented out of necessity and with the goal of drastically minimizing the exposures that we face on fire-grounds.
What was needed, was a powerful, effective, yet easy to use and derma-friendly way to remove toxins. After trying several brands of wipes that left residues and oils and sometimes caused allergic reactions, Creston Ludlow of the Phoenix Fire Department, decided to research and produce his own product. After extensive R&D and Field Testing, Creston and his partners launched FireWipes.
Our team at First Responder Decon met with representatives, sampled and tested most of the available wipes on the market. In our opinion, Fire Wipes is the most effective, safe, and widely respected decon wipe in the industry.
The standards and vision that FireWipes adheres to, are in sync with ours and make them a great partner for our game changing decon kits. Like the Official Rehnke Decon kit, Firewipes was designed for firefighters by firefighters who know the job and what is required of a product.

The Official Rehnke
Decon Kit

“We must ensure that all current and future firefighters are with their families; today as they serve and later when they retire. This terrible health problem is the target of our fight using after action, onsite and ultimate effective decon methods and tools.”