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Whatever your reason for being on our site, we are here to help you; whether acquiring kits for your department or seeking more information about this initiative, we have the resources to accomplish your goals.  We intend to work hard to ensure that First Responders are contamination free after every incident. Remember it is no longer about going home at the end of each shift but rather enjoying a healthy life long into retirement. Sign up and be a part of this game changing shift in our Industry.

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Occupational health is a very hot topic in our industry but some decision makers still need some facts on the importance of being proactive with  the fight against occupational related health issues. Contact us for access to our archives of articles, PDFs and videos to help you help your leadership understand and act.

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We understand that the economy is still recovering and not every department has the budget to purchase all of the necessary kits. Due to some great partnerships with various companies, there are possibilities for grants. Please feel free to reach out about these opportunities. Thank you!