About Us

Why are we building these kits?

“Our goal at First Responder Decon is to combat the cause of exposure related issues amongst all of our first responders.

When I started looking at cancer and toxin mitigation for my department years ago a few staggering facts stuck out to me but one above all completely shocked me. Our bunker gear does a good job of limiting our exposure while in the fire but more than 85% of our toxic exposure after a fire incident comes from the gear itself! It has also been found that gear can continue to off-gas and create exposures up to 72 hours and contact exposures weeks and even months after and incident. We have also learned that the route of exposure is predominantly absorption.

At Firstrespondersdecon.com, our mission is to not only provide the best tools in firefighter decon but a portion of all proceeds will be going to fund charities to help support our brothers and sisters that are currently fighting the battle with firefighter related health issues.”
~ Ed Cunningham

Who are we?

Dave Rehnke

Dave is a 26-year veteran of the Peoria Arizona Fire Department and is one of the real good guys. He spent his career being forward thinking and has been instrumental in taking the Peoria Fire Department to the level of service it is currently able to provide today. In 2011, Cpt Rehnke was diagnosed with severe health issues. He then spent the next 72 months raising awareness of Fire related health problems throughout the Country. Cpt Rehnke has been instrumental in changes for cities and departments, throughout the United States, by being a proactive voice in avoiding occupational related health issues. The idea for a complete and comprehensive kit came from discussions that Dave and I had at the Firehouse Subs restaurant in Surprise AZ.  I want to see him honored for his service not only to the Peoria Fire Department, but to all of us still on the job, whom he continues to serve. That is why we have named these kits “The Official Rehnke Decon Kits.”

Ed Cunningham

Having served more than a decade as a Firefighter and Paramedic in the area northwest of Phoenix, AZ, Ed has also served as Engineer, PIO, Union rep, and Honor Guard lead for his department. In 2016, he temporarily left the fire service to finish achieving another dream of opening a restaurant. As a Firehouse Subs Franchisee, Ed has continued his service to First Responders and Military through his charity work and raising money for grants through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.